Samstag, 21. November 2015

7 absolute NO-GO's on the new LG V10 after 2 Weeks of Usage

After almost two weeks with the new LG V10 I found some pros ....

  • removal battery
  • micro SD card slot
  • MIL-STD-810 resistance rating
  • modern and unique shape 
  • screen capture / edit / share (one of the biggest plus for me)
  • overall great camera
  • works mostly very smooth with 4GB of RAM

but even more cons:

  • Still not same brightness level of screen as other premium cellphones
  • no water resistance at all (makes the MIL-STD-810 resistance rating somehow obsolete). E.g. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is way better protected against water
  • battery with 3000 mAh too weak for the size and weight
  • device is very heavy and bulkier than competitors
  • no wireless charging
  • lots of overexposed photos. Especially all green (wood, grass) looks way to bright and leaves some cheap photo impression. Problem existed already on LG G4, but no solution in sight
  • auto brightness not adjustable and too dark
  • kept old CPU from LG G4
  • phone sometimes does not wake up again at all - even with double-tipping volume
  • auto-brightness sometimes go to 0 brightness even in the sun. Not possible to enter a code or pattern and not possible to adjust the brightness manually.

... but biggest cons come here:

  • soft-menu / back buttons instead of hard-buttons: sometimes they completely disappear and they wast lots about 10% of the screen!
  • screen colors are really bad when at full brightness
  • zooming into photos does work, but zoom out does not properly work.
  • there's no adjustment for photo resolution and JPG quality / compression, which is unbelievable poor for a company which stress the quality of their device
  • fingerprint sensor is very poor. Recognition takes forever if working at all
  • on / off (fingerprint-sensor) in the back does NOT work for me at all. I have my phone most of the time beside my laptop and have to turn all the time
  • Volume up/down on the back is a pain. If you have a flip-cover you can't adjust sound volume while talking on the phone. Very bad.

Conclusion: definitely NO buy at all - sorry. LG - you messed it up again ...