Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

Keyboard language keeps changing in Windows 10

What has happened, when sporadically the keyboard language in Win 10 has switched without purpose?

Probably you accidentally hit ctrl / shift, which is the default setting in Win 10 for switching the keyboard language and a lot of people are not aware of it and they think it's a bug of Windows. But there's hope because you can disable this function here:

Goto "Control panel / Language / Advanced settings / change language bar hotkeys / change key sequence / Switch keyboard layout" and change it to not assigned.

If this doesn't work, remove all the unwanted keyboard languages - even when it's English (e.g. for foreign people).

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

How to create an Automated Free (multi) Backup Solution with E-Mail Notification in Windows 10 (Life Hack)

How to create an Automated Free (multi) Backup Solution with E-Mail Notification in Windows 10 (Life Hack) 

  1. Download 2 things:
    1. FreeFileSync (Backup program) .... called 'FFS' later in this text
      2. Install the FFS
      3. Open FreeFileSync
        1. Select the files / folders to sync and the options (I'm using 'mirror' with 'trash bin'). All the options you will see only with pressing F8. Left side is origin - right side is destination
        2. Save the setting ('save as') and additionally save this 'as batch' (this is even more important for the execution). Copy or write down the batch-file-name because you will need it in the next step.

    2. Download the latest original VBS Script from here
      1. ... or you take the adapted version from me with the working Gmail options already included:
      2. Read through the VBS script and make the needed adaptions according the the description in the header (e-mail, FFS EXE location and as most important thing the FFS batch-file-name from the previous step ... and all other things.)
  2. Create a batch-file (with a text editor and fill in these lines and save as 'mybackup.bat')
    1. @echo on
      cscript //nologo "C:\bybackup.vbs"
  3. Now we have everything ready - we just need to get this automatically being scheduled
    1. Open the Windows Task Scheduler (Win Key then type 'task') and create a new basic task (using 'action' menu). Go through all the tabs and link the  'mybackup.bat' in the action tab (no arguments needed)

    2. You can wait till the time arrives or you can trigger the batch with right click / run in the task manager.
    3. Hence the task manager will start the mybackup.bat and this will call the VBS script and the VBS script will invoke the FFS with the setting from the mybackup.batch and at the very end you will get the e-mail with the report. 

Now it looks very easy, but this is a way, which:
  • is 100% free       
  • is 100% reliable (FFS is one of the most reliable backup programs)
It took me about 2 month to figure out this way, hence don't underestimate this combination. I've tested at least 10 backup-programs including paid software and the FFS was the only reliable, I had just to find a way to set it up to work automated and provides an e-mail at the end.

Hope it works for you too.

Good luck and have fun with it

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016

How to rotate a video on Google Photos

How to rotate a video on Google Photos?

  • There is no option for this at
  • Sometimes it's also not working on the cellphone - why?

  • Select the video on your cellphone with the Google Photos App
  • open the menu (top / right) and select 'download' (or sometimes 'restore')

  • Wait till it has been downloaded, then push the 'pencil' button:

  • Now you have the 'rotate' option available, but before you start, please press the (i) button and write down the date / time of your recording - you will later need it to correct it. 

  • Don't forget to save this 'action':

  • And at the end goto, select your video, click on the info-button (i) and restore the original date / time (enter it manually). 

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3 - Lime quick review (2016)

Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3 - Lime quick review (2016)

It's not a brand new watch on the market, but since the price dropped dramatically it's almost a steal now. The functions are still great with standalone GPS and WiFi. Far beyond average and it's even waterproof as long as you keep the seal tight. Battery life is about good average and usually it's enough to charge it once a day, at least with WiFi and GPS off and only Bluetooth on, which is usually enough to get all the notifications and enable 90% of the functions.
I big plus are the standard Micro USB plug and the "always-on" display, but unfortunately the 'idle' watch-face is very dimmed and sometimes hard so see - especially when wearing glasses, but usually it's OK and you can switch to large letters on the screen which helps a lot.
Also great is the large available storage (about 4 GB). It's almost impossible to fill it completely.
It works grat with lots of very important apps, like WhatsApp, Shazam, Google Fit, GPS Trackers, Glympse, Hangout, Google Maps, Voice recorder and others. Unfortunately most of the apps are not working 'stand-alone'. Only a few like timer, alarm, calculator and so on. I also would like to have a 'stand-alone' sleep tracker, but it does not seem to be available.
Voice recognition to set timer, alarm, respond to text messages and so on works mostly fine, but not perfect.
Unfortunately the glass seems to be not very strong (no gorilla glass) and so you have to protect it with a screen protector. This is a must. Backside of the watch is stainless steel and way better quality than the no-name Chinese smartwatches.
The watch-band is very secure and flexible.
I only miss a camera, a speaker and maybe a heart rate monitor, but as far as I know, there is no Android Wear Watch with a camera anyway.

  • Summary
    • Good
      • currently very nice price
      • quite stable connection to the mobile phone
      • great performance (quad core and obviously enough memory)
      • always-on screen
      • above average battery live
      • WiFi (after upgrading to 5.1.1)
      • GPS
      • waterproof
      • very responsive touch-screen, but as far as I was able to soo there's no multi - touch - at least no app is supporting it
      • standard micro USB plug
      • sturdy
      • nice design
      • great viewing angles on 'active screen'
    • Bad
      • No camera (same on all other Android Wear Watches too)
      • No speaker 
      • Dim Idle 'Always-On' screen
      • somehow difficult to plug-in micro USB
      • no sim-card (same on all other Android Wear Watches too)
  • Bottom line: 
    • Best value on the Android Wear market in 2016

Image result for Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3 - Lime quick review

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016

How to get rid of One Drive / OneDrive?

 How to uninstall One Drive from Windows 10?

  1. Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode:
  2. Press key and type "cmd". Right-click on the icon and chose "run as administrator"
  3. Type in taskkill /f /im OneDrive.exe to terminate any OneDrive processes and hit Enter.
  4. Then type in either %SystemRoot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstallif you’re using 32-bit Windows 10 or %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall if you’re using 64-bit Windows 10 and hit Enter.

Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

Important Links for Sony Smartwatch 3 SW3

Important Links for Sony Smartwatch 3 SW3


Update / Repair Software / Firmware (5.1.1):

Sonntag, 25. September 2016

How to get your Windows 10 Product Key / Serial?

How to get your Windows 10 Product Key?

  • Win+X and then press A  (starts command window as admin)
  • Type "slmgr -dli" and press
  • Wait a few seconds till small window with Product Key will be shown like this:

... but actually you don't need it because Microsoft registers your has value on their database and will find your PC as soon as your (re-)setup again. 

That's it

Have fun

Samstag, 17. September 2016

How to upgrade Win 7 32 bit to Win 10 64 Bit for Free after 29 July 2016?

How to upgrade Windows 7 32 bit to Windows 10 64 Bit for Free after 29 July 2016?


    - Free Win10 upgrade is actually closed
    - 32 Bit to 64 Bit is never a provided upgrade function from Microsoft
    - If you don t want to upgrade to 64 bit - just use the Microsoft page for "assistive technologies", which still 
      provides the FREE upgrade to Win10


-   Have a  (min) 4 GB USB stick ready
-   Download Product Key Viewer and write down product key:
-   Download ISO file to HD (function "bootable USB" will not work):
-   Download old "bootable USB from ISO" tool from Microsoft: 
-   Run this tool and select ISO from HD to create bootable USB stick
-   Reboot PC which you will update and press F2 for Bios setup
-   Goto Boot Setup and move USB to first position
-   Plug prepared USB stick and save / reboot
-   Enter Key from Key Viewer
-   keep going and select "Custom Setup" (everything will be deleted)
-   Chose Keyboard / Language
-   Windows will start setup and count up from 0% to 100%
-   IMPORTANT: when on 100% remove USB stick before Windows is rebooting -
    otherwise installation will loop  ;-)
-   Keep going with the rest of the set-up (which is very easy and straight forward)

Samstag, 27. August 2016

Comparison between free backup tools (especially Synchronization between NAS and external HD on a PC automatically)

Comparison between free backup tools (especially Synchronization between NAS and external HD on a PC)

  1. Microsoft SyncToy (32 Bit)
    • Link:
    • Pro: 
      • supports net drives like NAS
      • nice gui with great option - everything is there - even a contribute option, which means 'update' left to right with no deletes.
    • Con
      • no built in scheduler
      • Get stuck after a few minutes even with deselected system and hidden files
    • verdict
      • completely useless
  2. FreeFileSync 
    • Link:  
    • Pro
      • Very nice and informative GUI (incl. 'time remaining' which is very rare)
      • Very reliable
      • Errors (like file in use) can be selected as to be ignored and backup will continue
      • Very low memory and cpu consumption 
      • Pause function (very rare!)
    • Con
      • comes with open candy / Malware which has to be deselected on every install and update 
      • No built in scheduler
      • cannot read files in use (but states it should be possible - I'll have to check)
    • Verdict
      • Best free sync tool if the open candy threat doesn't bother you
  3.  "Create Synchronicity"
    • Link:
    • Pro: 
      • Supports net drives
      • all needed options available
      • no adware
    • Con:
      • very slow
      • almost no runtime information
      • path length limited to 260 char which is a 'killer' 
    • Verdict:
      • NO GO because of the limitation in path lenght
  4. Synchredible 
    • Link: 
      • ttp://
    • Pro:
      • Nice GUI, Fest, Reliable
      • Really free
    • Con:
      • Not much runtime information - no estimated time
      • No easy setup - quite complex and somehow confusing
    • Verdict
      • Better to use BackupMaker from same company
  5. "SyncBackFree"
    • Link
    • Pro
      • Very nice GUI
      • Great options and self guiding / explaining
      • Very stable
      • Simulation mode
      • 'simple' and 'expert' mode
      • Built in scheduler
    • Con
      • No support for locked files in free version
      • No pause function
      • No incremental backups
    • Verdict
      • no incremental backup = NOGO
  6. Fbackup 6.1 
    • Link:
    • Pro
      • Nice setup guide
    • Con
      • No network drives allowed
    • Verdict
      • No network drives allowed
  7. BackupMaker
    • Link
    • Pro
      • Copy of files in use for about 16 USD possible
      • One of the easiest setups
      • Multiple folders / drives selectable in only one profile / batch
      • e-mail notification
    • Con
      • no copy of files in use in free version
      • Not much runtime info (after 4 hours (!!!) still just saying 'reading' and 0%)
      • ad after every run will be displayed
    • Verdict
      • If it would work - functions would be great
  8. Personal Backup 5
    • Link:
    • Pro:
      • has all the functions for free - even scheduler
    • Con
      • does not copy everything. needs up to 20 reruns to catch everything
    • Verdict
      • nogo for a backup program, that does not copy everything
  9. ??????????
    • Link
    • Pro
    • Con
    • Verdict
  10. ??????????
    • Link
    • Pro
    • Con
    • Verdict

          Final recommendation
          • There's no perfect free backup tool available and even lots of people are complaining about paid applications like Backup4All. Best results will be probably achieved by FreeFileSync, but be careful to deselect OpenCandy software and you have to use create a batch job trigger that with the windows scheduler to run every night

          Montag, 1. August 2016

          sinw_battery_service adware on Android Lemfo LEM3

          Is "sinw_battery_service" a preinstalled adware on Lemfo LEM3 (Android 5.1)?

          I've tried to remove with Lookout Security ....

          ... but it was somehow unsuccessful ...

          now I will ask the manufacturer ...

          Stay tuned for an update!

          Freitag, 22. April 2016

          How to limit chache size in Opera and Chrome Browser and specify Cache Directory?

          How to limit chache size in Opera and Chrome Browser?

          Goto properties of Chrome / Opera program icon (right click):

          Then edit line command on 'target' as described below:


          e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --disk-cache-size=50000000

          That should limit your cache to 50MB and you can alter the size to your wishes

          or .... "" --disk-cache-size=50000000

          Also the directory can be specified:

          "" --disk-cache-dir="CACHE_DIR" --disk-cache-size=N

          Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

          Easy Outlook E-Mail Migration (PST or Online) to GMAIL / Google Mail

          How to Import (local) E-Mails from Outlook to Gmail

          There are lots of different ways which should work:

          1. With Thunderbird:
            1. Define MS Outlook as default E-Mail program  (path (in German): Systemsteuerung\Programme\Standardprogramme\Standardprogramme festlegen)
            2. Download Thunderbird and add Gmail as IMAP account and goto Extras / Import and select 'Outlook' to import.
            3. For me 'Outlook' was 'greyed' and hence it didn't work

          2. With Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook Tool
            1. Actually it's intended for Google Apps (Google for Business) but it works also great for personal accounts.
            2. Goto
            3. Download the migration tool (on the right side), start it and follow the instructions, which are very easy and in my case it really worked great. You are able to chose some basic options and also are able to include contacts and calendar to migrate.
            4. Only downside is that it's very slow. In my case it took about 1 hour (!!!) for each 1.000 e-mails, hence be careful to delete spam, trash and other unneeded e-mails before migrating.

          3. Some people have been successful with adding their IMAP Gmail Acccount to the existing Outlook installation and than moved the e-mails by drag/drop between the folders (local to Gmail / Imap), but in my case Outlook (2003) was not able to access GMAIL by IMAP.
          4. Maybe there are other ways but there are a lot of problems because:
            1. You can't import an Outlook PST file to Thunderbird or Gmail directly
            2. You can import from Outlook Express to Thunderbird, but also Outlook Express doesn't accept PST as import
          Good luck!

          Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

          How to get a Moga Controller working on a PC with Windows?

          Moga Serial to Windows Interface

          How to get a Moga Controller working on a PC with Windows e.g. instead of an XBOX 360 Controller with USB dongle?

          Download the latest build of MogaSerial - x86 for Windows 7, 8, and 10

          If direct link is not working any more ... goto  and download it from this site (Download section ...)
          • Extract ZIP to temp directory
          • Install driver using "ScpDriver.exe" in extracted ...."\MogaSerial-v150\ScpDriver\" directory
          • Start physical Moga Controller and set Switch to 'A'

          • Press "WIN" key and type 'blue' then click on the Bluetooth setting and start pairing the MOGA controller. If done, close the "Bluetooth Settings"
          • Start MogaSerial.exe from extracted "\MogaSerial-v150\" directory and a small GUI will be shown.
          • Scan for Bluetooth Devices:

          • Select you device from pulldown menu
          • Select SCP / Xbox for standard usage:

          • Click Connect (bottom right)

          • If OK, confirmation message will be shown

          • Have FUN !!!!

          Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

          Windows 10 File Explorer Advanced Search Tips

          dvanced tips for searching in Windows

          Searching in Windows 7 can be as simple as typing a few letters in the search box, but there are also advanced searching techniques that you can use. You don't have to know these techniques to search for your files, but they can be helpful depending on where you're searching and what you're searching for.


          • If you know which file type it is, you can just enter the file extension ("JPG" for example) in the search box. To learn more about basic searches in Windows, see Find a file or folder.

          Adding operators

          One way to refine a search is to use the operators AND, OR, and NOT. When you use these operators, you need to type them in all capital letters.
          OperatorExampleUse this to
          tropical AND island
          Find files that contain both of the words "tropical" and "island" (even if those words are in different places in the file). In the case of a simple text search, this gives the same results as typing "tropical island."
          tropical NOT island
          Find files that contain the word "tropical," but not "island."
          tropical OR island
          Find files that contain either of the words "tropical" or "island."

          Adding search filters

          Search filters are a new feature in Windows 7 that make searching for files by their properties (such as by author or by file size) much easier.

          To add a search filter to your search

          1. Open the folder, library, or drive that you want to search.
          2. Click in the search box, and then click a search filter (for example, Date taken: in the Pictures library).
          3. Click one of the available options. (For example, if you clicked Date taken:, choose a date or a date range.)
            Picture of the "Date taken" search filter in the search box
            The "Date taken" search filter
          You can add multiple search filters to a search, or even mix search filters with regular search terms to further refine your search.
          Picture of the "Tags" search filter menu in the search box
          You can use two search filters to search for a picture tagged with "family" that was taken a long time ago.
          Depending on where you're searching, only certain search filters are available. For example, if you're searching the Documents library, you'll see different search filters than you would in the Pictures library. You can't specify which search filters you'll see, but you can change the type of file that a library is optimized for. This will, in turn, change which search filters are available when searching that library. To learn how to do this, see Customize a library.

          Using keywords to refine a search

          If you want to filter on a property that doesn't appear when you click in the search box, you can use special keywords. This typically involves typing a property name followed by a colon, sometimes an operator, and then a value. The keywords aren't case sensitive.
          Example search termUse this to find
          Files whose names begin with "notes." The ~< means "begins with."
          System.FileName:="quarterly report"
          Files named "quarterly report." The = means "matches exactly."
          Files whose names contain the word "pro" or the characters pro as part of another word (such as "process" or "procedure"). The ~= means "contains."
          Files that aren't pictures. The <> means "is not."
          Files that were modified on that date. You can also type "System.DateModified:2010" to find files changed at any time during that year.
          Files whose authors don't have "herb" in their name. The ~! means "doesn't contain."
          Files that are tagged with the word sunset.
          System.Size:<1mb p="">
          Files that are less than 1 MB in size.
          Files that are more than 1 MB in size.


          • You can use a question mark (?) as a wildcard for a single character and an asterisk (*) as a wildcard for any number of characters.
          You can also use the operators AND, OR, and NOT to combine search keywords. (Note how the use of parentheses can change the effect of a search term.)
          Example search termUse this to find
          System.Author:Charlie AND Herb
          Files that are authored by Charlie as well as any files that include Herb in the file name or in any file property.
          System.Author:Charlie AND System.DateModified:>2009
          Find only files that are authored by Charlie after 2009.
          System.Author:(Charl* AND Herb)
          Files that have either Charles and Herb or Charlie and Herb listed as authors.
          System.Author:"Charlie Herb"
          Files that are authored by someone with exactly this name.

          Using natural language search

          You can turn on Natural language search to perform searches in a simpler way, without using colons and without the need to enter AND and OR in capital letters. For example, compare these two searches:
          Without natural languageWith natural language
          System.Music.Artist:(Beethoven OR Mozart)
          music Beethoven or Mozart
          System.Kind:document System.Author:(Charlie AND Herb)
          documents Charlie and Herb

          To turn on natural language search

          1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
          2. Click the Search tab.
          3. Select the Use natural language search check box.
          Even with natural language search turned on, you can continue to use the search box in exactly the same way. If you want to use operators or search keywords, you can. The difference is that you can also enter searches using a less formal method. Here are some examples:
          • e‑mail today
          • documents 2011
          • author Susan
          • pictures vacation


          • When you turn on natural language search, some searches might give more results than you expect. For example, if you search for "e‑mail today" you will see all messages sent today as well as any messages with the word "today" in the contents.

          Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

          How to share an Animated GIF on WhatsApp using Google Photos?

          How to share an Animated GIF on WhatsApp?

          1. Prepare your GIF on the PC and drag it from the file-explorer to the chrome window with URL
          2. Now gow to your mobile phone and open your Google Photos App. Click on the Animated GIF and then click on the Share-Icon and then select WhatsApp
          Hope it works also for you

          Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

          Free reliable Online Exif Viewer:

          Free reliable Online Exif Viewer:

          Or maybe even better here:  (shows even shutter count)!

          Enjoy !!!