Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016

How to rotate a video on Google Photos

How to rotate a video on Google Photos?

  • There is no option for this at
  • Sometimes it's also not working on the cellphone - why?

  • Select the video on your cellphone with the Google Photos App
  • open the menu (top / right) and select 'download' (or sometimes 'restore')

  • Wait till it has been downloaded, then push the 'pencil' button:

  • Now you have the 'rotate' option available, but before you start, please press the (i) button and write down the date / time of your recording - you will later need it to correct it. 

  • Don't forget to save this 'action':

  • And at the end goto, select your video, click on the info-button (i) and restore the original date / time (enter it manually). 

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