Dienstag, 19. November 2013

Test / Review GXT 25 Gaming Mouse

Infos: http://www.trust.com/products/product.aspx?artnr=18307

Pros: (partly german)

  • nice shape
  • easy install
  • very reasonable
  • very precise
  • fast clicking and scrolling
  • Ergonomisches, komfortables Design
  • One-Click-Taste für Doppelfeuer
  • Geschwindigkeitsauswahltaste (800-2000 dpi)
  • Goldplattierter USB-Stecker
  • Seitliche Gummiflächen für optimale Grifffestigkeit
  • two finger pickup (to adjust location on mouse-mat) very bad. Often losing hold.
  • they advertise 7 buttons - actually there are only 4 usable buttons ... the rest is scroll wheel, DPI adjust button, double-click button ... 7 buttons is just a marketing joke ... very poor ...

Suggestion: invest a little bit more money and buy someting else ... like "Roccat Kone XTD"  ;-))

Good luck and have fun ...

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Problem with HP 410 C: Printer automatically removed -> reinstall HP 410 C Photosmart Premium Driver

What a surprise: after using this printer for more than one year suddenly the corresponding driver was removed from my Win7. It was not really easy to reinstall, so I wrote it down for other users:

  1. Download driver from HP site (currently "PS_AIO_07_C410_FSW_Full_Win_deu_140_222.exe") 
  2. Double click it to start
  3. Chose point 1 and click on "weitere Software installierten:Inline-Bild 1
  4. Then it should reinstall the driver
  5. After that you probably still don't find your printer in the printer section
  6. If so - please open: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\HP\Photosmart Prem C410 series
  7. click on "Gerät hinzufügen"
    Inline-Bild 2
  8. The re-install routine should start and then choose the type of your connection and then everything should be done by the (re-)install-routine.
  9. If some problems persist - please download further assistance tools from HP.COM like "HPPSdr.exe" or "hppiw.exe" - maybe they can help ... but better don't rely on this ... 
Good luck and have fun 

Freitag, 8. November 2013

Best Weather Apps On Android

Best Weather Apps On Android 

MeteoEarth (my favourite ... but also most expensive ...): Very interactive, informative, beautiful and perfect animated weather prediction of the whole world for the next two days. On premium even for four days with multi layer view and storms:

Meteosphere: Nicely animated lightning forecast on (but the rest is much better on "MeteoEarth":

MeteoEarth: very interactive (movable to compare regions !!!) climate diagrams for the whole world:

Search.ch: Nicely animated rain radar (Switzerland only) with longer period then on SwissWeather:

Weather Underground: Water temperatures for lakes and sea for the whole world !!!

eWeather HD: Beautiful overview with almost every data possible:

BlitzKarte: nice realtime lightning detector (unfortunately it's necessary to select from three regions worldwide in the settings - no option to see everything ...):

search.ch: nice overview / weather prediction of one spot (Switzerland only):

MeteoSwiss: very nice overview of all weather aspects on one screen. On tablet pc even better (plus temp./rain graph), but swiss only:

Weather Underground: very nice scalable map with (ground) temperatures easy to watch:

Montag, 4. November 2013

How to merge two (or more) PDF files (sidewise) with a freeware tool? Wie kann man mehrere PDF-Files seitenweise mit einem Gratis-Tool seiteinander kombinieren?

  1. Download PDF24 for free
  2. Start PDF24
  3. Open first document
  4. Open 2nd document
  5. drag / drop the needed pages from one document to the other
  6. save the document(s)

Inline-Bild 2

Good luck and have fun ...