Freitag, 8. November 2013

Best Weather Apps On Android

Best Weather Apps On Android 

MeteoEarth (my favourite ... but also most expensive ...): Very interactive, informative, beautiful and perfect animated weather prediction of the whole world for the next two days. On premium even for four days with multi layer view and storms:

Meteosphere: Nicely animated lightning forecast on (but the rest is much better on "MeteoEarth":

MeteoEarth: very interactive (movable to compare regions !!!) climate diagrams for the whole world: Nicely animated rain radar (Switzerland only) with longer period then on SwissWeather:

Weather Underground: Water temperatures for lakes and sea for the whole world !!!

eWeather HD: Beautiful overview with almost every data possible:

BlitzKarte: nice realtime lightning detector (unfortunately it's necessary to select from three regions worldwide in the settings - no option to see everything ...): nice overview / weather prediction of one spot (Switzerland only):

MeteoSwiss: very nice overview of all weather aspects on one screen. On tablet pc even better (plus temp./rain graph), but swiss only:

Weather Underground: very nice scalable map with (ground) temperatures easy to watch:

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