Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Win 7 / Win 8 is not going into proper standby (fan still operating) - what to do?

  1. Start CMD.EXE as administrator:

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  2. Type: "powercfg -energy -output c:\energy.html"

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  3. After starting "powercfg" (and before 60 seconds are over):
    1. Goto Window / Shutdown / Standby (activate this !)
  4. Wait a few seconds till it goes on standby
  5. Hit any key or activate system by moving the mouse
  6. Wait till 60 seconds are over
  7. powercfg tells you that the report in c:\energy.html now is ready
  8. Goto the "Error Section", where you can see what is preventing your system against proper standby
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  9. If it says it's e.g. device no. 26 and you don't know which one is device 26, then goto system hardware manager and open USB section and open for each entry the properties and you find on the first tab the device number:

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  10. Then go to the 2nd tab (enhanced) and you see the name of the device:

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That's it. In my case it was my N7100 Galaxy Note II and a new Mouse, directly plugged into USB of the PC. Then I bought a USB hub and plugged both things there - then it worked fine again with standby ;-))

Good luck and have fun

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