Samstag, 31. August 2013

How to delete (or save / extract) large attachments in google mail / gmail to save storage in your google account

Google tells you that on GMAIL you never have to delete attachments, because you get such huge amount of storage. This might be correct for a very low traffic user, but if you really do a lot of business with it and have lots and large amount of attachments, it won't be enough by far.

There are nice attempts to resolve this automatically, but they all fail. A good example is IMAPSize, but I haven't found anybody who was successful with this tool.

Therefore I think there's still one solution to solve:

  • Install Thunderbird E-Mail Clinet
  • goto GMAIL web client, goto 'settings' and turn IMAP on, and check settings for deleting emails through IMAP
  • Goto Thunderbird and add your Gmail account with IMAP acces to / Port 993, username and passwort
  • access then to your e-mails and chose 'all e-mails', click on the size column to get the largest e-mails. 
  • click once on the e-mail on top and check the details below. On the very buttom you can see the attachments where you have then the options to delete /all and extract / all. 
  • act as desired and very important - press the delete key - because thunderbird will create a copy of the e-mail without the attachments anyway and leave the original as it is! So if you don't press the delete-key both of the e-mails will remain there. One with and one without the attachment
  • please consider your IMAP / delete - settings in the GMAIL web clients if you face any problems.
Hope this is more or less clear and works fine for you ... as well as for me ... ;-))

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