Freitag, 9. August 2013

How to watch MP4 Videos (from Teleboy) on XBOX 360 (convert for free with FormatFactory)

How to watch MP4 Videos (from Teleboy) on XBOX 360 /  (German: wie kann ich Videos von herunterladen, konvertieren und auf der XBOX 360 anschauen)

Download the MP4 files as needed from (PRO account needed to download video files) and then use the free converter from FormatFactory (I used version 3.1.1), but just make sure to suppress all the unnecessary rubbish (banners, add-ons etc) while installing the FormatFactory.

Start FormatFactory,  chose "Mobile Gerät" then drag/drop drag/drop the original video files to the field "Dateiname" and click on "Zieldatei einstellen" and there select Microsoft / XBOX 720p MPEG4. Then press two times OK (to close both windows) and press start in the main panel to convert the video file.

That's it - good luck!

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