Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Z1 Android Mobile Watch Review / Quick Test

Z1 Android Mobile Watch Review / Quick Test

like it very much - would buy it again ($231.99 FREE Shipping on 

- very high standby time
- lots of RAM (2 GB (4x the RAM of iPhone 4S))
- lots of storage with included 8 GB micro SD card
- VERY cool USB connector in wristband included !!!
- screen resolution same as HTC Wildfire mobile phone (!!!)
- cam shots quite nice pics regarding size of gear
- quite fast reaction on screen regarding very limited CPU capacity

- very poor WiFi range
- no Google Play market. Has just it's own store which has not all of Google Play apps. (But most important ones are there)
- some apps are not working because of the limited resolution of screen
- haven't found any user manual
- haven't found any further information on webpage of seller or producer regarding further info and update

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