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How to get rid of the compatibilitycheck.exe trojan / adware / virus

How to get rid of the compatibilitycheck.exe trojan / adware / virus

This virus / adware can really be a pain because somtimes in consumes most of the computer's cpu and memory!

  • First I tried with FreeFixer as advised bei several pages but it didn't work
  • then I started my computer (Win7) in secure mode (press F8 while restarting)
  • I opened the folder "C:\Users\..*your username*...\AppData\Roaming\Compatibility Verifier" and 
    • deleted both of the files: 
      • compatibilitycheck.exe
      • compatibilitychecksvc.exe
    • then made 2 new TXT.files with right click of the mouse in this directory with same name as the 2 above deleted files
  • Then I restarted computer in normal mode and it worked fine - no problems with compatibilitycheck virus again
  • But of course - it's not the perfect solution because the virus is still there in the system somehow and if you occasionally delete the whole folder "C:\Users\..*your username*...\AppData\Roaming\Compatibility Verifier" the virus will detect it and reinstall his original version and you can start to remove from scratch
  • Therefore I will try now with other malware scanners (like Malware-Bytes Antimalware) to remove it completely
  • Update Jan. 19th 2015:
    • Unfortunately sometime later the virus was installed again from some other program, but I was able to find and kill with Malware-Bytes Antimalware:

      as you can see it was stored in a db23.exe file in c:\windows\temp

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