Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

How to add just a specific folder of your Google Drive to Google Photos Backup (which is not officially supported by Google ;-))

How to move photos from Android to Google Drive (to save space) and backup them on Google Photos?

If you use Autosync for Google Drive to move photos from your Android phone to your Google Drive to safe space on your phone and not to loose them your problem could be that this happens before Google Photo can backup them on the cloud (Picasa, Google+, Google Photos).

How to prevent this? I've found my own solution which I've never seen on the web:

The problem: Autosync for Google Drive uses the Google Drive as destination to safe your photos, but you can't select a specific folder on the Google Drive to backup photos on Google Photos. Just either all or nothing and you probably don't want all the pictures from Google Drive on Google Photos - like me.

First I tried with a local folder and a shortcut to my local copy of Google Drive on my PC, but obviously this was either not enough or Google recognized my cheating and ignored this. 

My second attempt was to map the target folder of Autosync for Google Drive as a network drive

and add this drive to the source folders in the settings of the Google Photos Backup Program:

(alternatively you can map a network folder in the window explorer when you go to "Network" (very important not use "C:\Users\xxxxx\Google Drive", because it's not a network place in the eye of Windows). You have to go go network (\\PC-Name\Users\User-name\Google Drive\.....) and map this on the 'extras' tab of the explorer and map as network drive and assign a specific letter which you can use in Google Photos Backup ;-))

Obviously Google accepted this and now it works just great!

Hope you get same success.


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